Friday, 3 August 2012

Cury Hall, Lizard Peninsula - not a good holiday.

I am writing this blog to describe the disappointing and uncomfortable holiday we had in at Cury Hall, as it was called at that time. (The owners have changed the name of the estate several times, in my opinion to avoid previous bad internet reviews and publicity).

When we returned from our holiday, my family and I felt so outraged and ripped off we decided to write to various tourist boards and pursue our complaints to the agency we had rented through to get a refund for some of the money we had paid, but as time went on we let it go. However, while searching for a holiday let this year I came across ads for "Treetops Estate", which turned out to be the latest incarnation of this grim place. 

So here in one place are the reviews I've found across the internet, and all the various names that this venue has gone by. I will update the list of names if I see any further incarnations appear on holiday cottage rental sites.
I hope this blog will be helpful to anyone searching for information on this venue. I did search before I booked, but the name change fooled me. It wasn't until I was staying there and found old booking confirmation documents lying around that I discovered the alternate names and the reviews that mirrored our experience.

Some pictures we took of the place:
Gates to the Estate
The Manor house

The rubbish dump outside our bedroom french doors
Some of the broken glasses

The saggy bed with stained sheets

The fridge with our improvised shelves

Here is a review of "D'Artagnan", the four bedroom barn that sleeps 8, from This is the cottage we stayed in.

Here are more reviews I found on the internet, which unfortunately I didn't find before our visit, due to the name change. 

(The comments after the reviews do drift into criticism of the letting agency involved at the time, Farm and Cottage Holidays. I have used this agency several times in the past and had a good experience. I rented "Cury Hall" through Cornish Traditional Cottages,, and while they were sympathetic to our situation, they said the same thing as the users below were told, that the agreement was between us and the owners. They did write to the owners informing them of our request for a partial refund but of course the owners were not interested. Eventually CTC offered us 25% off our next booking with them as a goodwill gesture. We haven't taken them up on that as yet.

I think this experience highlights the false sense of security we get when booking through an agency. In most cases the agency has probably not stepped foot on the property and has assessed it from photos and the owners description, and is not willing or able to mediate in the event of a dispute.

 Please add your comments if you have also stayed at this place... and let's hope this blog might help warn any other unwary holidaymakers!


  1. Since I booked my holiday at this dump five years ago I am aware of 5 name changes. It has been called Bochym Manor, Beauchamp Hall, Cury Hall, Poldhu Hall and more recently The Treetops Estate. The letting agents change almost as frequently as the name. Given that the description of the properties remains the same for whoever's advertising it then I can only summise that the owners write the description and the agents don't really check the accomodation for themselves. If booking a holiday cottage anywhere and the description includes ".....unique, impossibly romantic and hauntingly mysterious......." be very wary.

  2. Wow, another name to add to the list... Poldhu Hall! Sorry to hear you had the misfortune of paying good money to stay at this hellhole. Thank you for posting your experience.

  3. At last - the message is beginning to get out there! Beware Lord Snooty and Keyhole Kate will thresten to sue you for posting this on the internet, as they did me. I have many handwritten pages from the Lord of The Manor but you can see as the pages go on, he was losing it because the scrawl was illegible towards the end of it. This couple know every judge in the Cornwall area by name because they've appeared before everyone. They just love performing in court. They generally top up their income with a £400 - 500 claim against some poor unsuspecting innocent holiday maker. They rely on the fact that most people don't contest their claims through the Small Claims Court. They know the court system inside out and don't ususally specify an amount resulting in the case being heard locally to them. Because of the immense cost of appearing in person etc they are usually unopposed. Bingo another £500. You would think that by now the courts and indeed holiday letting agents linked up to info share and find these people out. I shall be very happy to share my experience of this dreadful pair in their country steaming pile because I'd like to think they could finally be stopped exploiting people that basically just wanted a lovely holiday.

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    2. Hi acting rose, thanks for commenting!

      Did you send me the letters from the lord of the manor via the blog? If so, unfortunately they didn't get to me. Please would you email them to curybloggeratgmaildotcom.